Lukie Kang

Web Developer

Hey there! (From 2018, this needs a lick of paint...)

I am a Web Developer based in Maidenhead in the United Kingdom. Creating clever (or cleverly simple) things is what makes my days fly by. As the Web continues to reinvent itself at a mind-boggling pace, it's great being along for the ride even if it gets a little bumpy and weirdly opinionated along the way!

This is what I can do

I primarily use Typescript, React, Node, Next , Python and Ruby and Rails. I also use more old-fashioned things like listening to people to make sure all that fancy tech makes someone's day.

Let's be sociable

Happy to get to know like-minded folk. See Github for my work, big and small. Check out my blog on for an idea whats rattling around in my mind or LinkedIn

Stuff I made

Some of my favourite things I have made for public consumption. There are plenty of repos to be found on my Github but to save you digging, take a look at the ones below.

How did I learn this stuff?

Here I can talk about some of the things that helped develop my skills, outside of actually coding projects. If you are just starting out in this field, it might give you a few ideas. There is always more to learn, and as you'll see from the links, we all have to start somewhere!